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About us

We supply on-demand green energy without complexity

At Watermeln we are passionate about shaping a sustainable future.

At Watermeln, we are passionate about shaping a sustainable future. As a Dutch startup, we are committed to providing green electricity to off-grid locations. Whether it's bustling construction sites, lively festivals, or EV charging stations promoting the transition to electric mobility, our energy solutions are always tailored to our customers' needs.

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Our mission

Our mission is to render all diesel generators in the world obsolete by delivering affordable electricity everywhere, at all times. We achieve this through the following core values:

  • Safe plug & play solutions
  • The use of recycled batteries
  • Zero on-site CO2, NOx, and particulate emissions
  • Green-certified hydrogen from renewable sources
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Why Watermeln?

We understand the growing need for reliable and sustainable energy sources, particularly in locations where the electrical grid is unavailable. Watermeln doesn't just offer a green alternative; we go further. We apply hydrogen in a safe and cost-effective manner, allowing our customers to rely on clean energy even in the most demanding environments.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Watermeln, we aim for more than just delivering electricity. We strive for a cleaner, greener future where sustainable energy is the norm. Our dedication to environmental consciousness is reflected in every aspect of our work, from our choice of green energy sources to the optimization of our transportation and the minimization of our ecological footprint.

Building a sustainable future together

We believe in the power of collaboration. Together with our customers and partners, we aim to elevate sustainability and efficiency to new heights. Watermeln is your dependable partner on the journey toward a cleaner and greener energy landscape. We look forward to working together with you on a sustainable future.

Our team

At the core of Watermeln is a team with extensive knowledge and experience in hydrogen and battery technology. We not only possess expertise in these advanced fields but also understand how to safely and efficiently deploy these technologies for temporary mobile applications. Our combined experience enables us to develop and implement innovative energy solutions that are both environmentally friendly and economically viable.

Jeff Wezel

Jeff Wezel


Engaged in business development, marketing, software, and compliance.

Jasper Baltus

Jasper Baltus


Engaged in product development, operations, and finance.

Mike Kuip

Mike Kuip

All-round employee

Spider in the web with focus on product development, ops and admin

Our partners

Our journey is enriched by these accomplished partners, and together, we achieve greater success.


Skoon is accelerating the energy transition with a network of clean mobile energy solutions, and a set of software tools that let asset owners and users work better together.

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Accenda is an R&D specialist in mechatronics, including battery and hydrogen technology. Through a collaboration, work is being done on the development and production of the hydrogen generators.

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They plans design and coordinate safe and coherent solutions for the development of hydrogen projects.

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The Revolution Foundation provides sustainable and circular systems for festivals, events and organizations. We work closely with events, businesses and governments to design and implement circular blueprints, accelerating the transition to a sustainable economy.

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