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Abundant sustainable electricity anytime, everywhere

Mobile power supply for locations without (or limited) grid connection. A sustainable alternative to a (hybrid) diesel generator, with zero emissions. High in capacity and power, compact in size.

Our key principles

  • Safety First: Uncompromising safety in all we do.
  • Smart Geniuses: 4G-connected, insightful generators.
  • Pure Green: 100% eco-friendly, zero emissions.
  • Instant Solutions: Plug-and-play, tomorrow at your project’s doorstep.
Our technology

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Watermeln takes care of everything

 From hydrogen storage to on-site connection, Watermeln provides complete peace of mind. We deliver on-demand green power with simplicity, handling transport, installation, monitoring, and maintenance. Ensuring you always have a reliable electricity supply.

  • We oversee transportation
  • We handle the installation
  • We monitor everything
  • We manage the maintenance
  • You enjoy the green electricity

Small difference in price, but a world of difference in emissions

3D render of a watermeln generator

Watermeln H2-generator

  • 0ton CO2 Emission
  • € 2,18 Price per kWh
  • € 8.600 Rent
  • € 3.600 Fuel
  • € 12.200 Total
  • 0 kg NOx emission
3D render of a hybride generator in grey and white

Hybrid diesel-generator

  • 4ton CO2 Emission
  • € 1,88 Price per kWh
  • € 2.100 + € 5.200 Rent
  • € 3.200 Fuel
  • € 10.500 Total
  • 7 kg NOx emission

You save 4 ton of CO2 and 7 kg NOx with the Watermeln generator

* The values used for this calculation assume market averages and stage V emission values, the consumption of 560 kWh per working day, 5 working days per week, €10.5 per kg H2, €1.80 per liter HVO ex VAT and EX logistics cost. Including fees for assets and storage. Month period = 5 weeks. Based on 250 KVA HVO generator and 250 kVA battery pack. No rights can be granted to this calculation.

Our technology

As much power and capacity as a traditional generator, but fully sustainable and without harmful emissions. It may sound like a pipe dream, but thanks to Watermeln's innovative hydrogen generators, this is now a reality.

With battery and fuel cell technology we provide powerful peak power from the battery, while the fuel cell keeps it continuously charged. Our hydrogen bundles store up to 10 times more energy per square metre than traditional batteries, and with a quick swap in just 10 minutes, we ensure unlimited capacity.

Our technology
  • Mobile plug & play
  • Up to 7000 kWh capacity per delivery
  • Highly powerful
  • Sustainable (zero emissions)
  • Full peace of mind
  • Online monitoring
Sunset Watermeln
Operators watermeln
WM-200 side photo
2D symbol of lightning bolt for watermeln generating high power

High in power

By intelligently combining batteries and fuel cells, we can provide similar high power levels for both short and long durations, just like a conventional diesel generator. This ensures a reliable source of powerful, emission-free electricity.

2D green symbol of hydrogen tanks representing watermeln high capacity

Large in capacity

Green hydrogen, the energy carrier of the future, offers up to 10 times more energy per m3 than batteries. Thanks to our quickfill system, up to 7 MWh is available within 10 minutes. This is essential for energy-intensive projects or limited spaces.

symbol of sustainability for watermeln's emission free generator

100% green

We've made emission-free construction and festivities a reality. Join us in shaping a future with clean, green power, devoid of CO2, nitrogen, and particulate emissions. Together, we create a cleaner world and a healthier environment. Plus, we produce surplus pure drinking water for recycling.


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